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What business travelers look for in their trips

These days pretty much everyone is a traveler. The main differentiator is the purpose of their travels, as some travel for vacation, while others travel for work.

Naturally traveling for business and traveling for leisure can be very different; Everything from travel itineraries and budgets to travel patterns. Ultimately the biggest contrast boils down to necessity vs wish.

Leisure travel is what you want to do and if you’re lucky, you get to do it. Meanwhile, business travel is usually what your job requires you to do regardless of your wish. In leisure travel, you get to plan everything on your own, while chances are that your business trip is somewhat managed with the help of corporate travel agents or in-house travel managers.

Let’s take a closer look on each of them.

Leisure Travel

Leisure travel is all about fun and enjoyment. Travel is one of the most effective methods to recharge yourselves and relieving stress away from your work and daily routine.

So, what do leisure travelers look for?

Price and deals

How many of you are spending hours on searching online for the cheapest tickets you can get for your next vacation trip?

When it comes to cost, leisure travelers are often way more price sensitive than business travelers. This comes naturally, as they are paying for the trips out of their own pockets and want to get the most out of their money. Leisure travelers can spend several days in comparing flights, accommodations and travel deals, to find the perfect trip.


If you’re like us, the next criteria in your holiday research are reviews and recommendations. Leisure travelers often rely heavily on opinions from reviewers online or their friends to make decisions regarding travel destinations; what is the preferred hotel and airline to book accommodation and flight tickets with, as well as other interesting and fun activities to do.

Hotel facilities

There’s nothing better than returning to a comfortable hotel room equipped with a private pool after a long day of exploration and series of activities. Leisure travelers prefer to book hotels that provide extra facilities to complete their travel experience and taking it to the next level. Whether it’s an outdoor pool, heated indoor pool, jacuzzi, gym, spa or luxurious bedroom with bar, leisure travelers will definitely appreciate them!

Business Travel

When talking about business travels, one can’t help but imagining long flight hours and attending to a series of meetings or conferences. Being on the road, often on a hectic and tight schedule mean that the needs of corporate travellers are often anchored around mobility, flexibility and most importantly convenience.

During business trips, a lot the time is spent on transportation (flights, taxi, train etc.) and accommodation.

What kind of attributes and qualities are business travelers looking for in each of them?


When it comes to choosing the right hotel to stay in, business travelers put more emphasis on location, comfort, and consistent service than price.


For corporate travelers, location of the hotel is key. Most business travelers want their hotels to be located close to their meeting points or where the conference is held. This way, they don't have to spend unnecessary time on traveling and can instead get more work done, as that's the main reason why they are traveling in the first place.

Hotel amenities

In business, time is money. Corporate travelers look for hotels that provide complete amenities. Things like continental breakfast, ironing board, shoe polishing service and room service, are all great help for them to get ready for their meetings without wasting time. Bonus points if their hotel rooms are equipped with a comfortable working area and access to a 24/7 concierge service.

Always connected

In the era of internet, there’s no denying the importance of connectivity, especially for business travelers. They need to be able to access important files and emails, so having a stable, high-speed internet connection in their hotel is crucial to keep in touch with their clients, suppliers and colleagues.

Loyalty schemes

Whether it is frequent flyer program or special corporate rate, hotels that provide loyalty schemes are always welcomed by business travelers. By providing this, hotels increase the likelihood that the business traveler will return to the same hotel chain for their next visit.


When it comes to choosing which airline to fly with, business travelers often place more importance on routes, time, comfort and flexibility.

Routes and schedules

Having a wide array of flight routes are one of the top criteria for business travelers when choosing airline. Business trips sometimes require travelers to fly all over the world, so having airlines that can cater both domestic and international flight routes are essential.

Similarly, airline schedules are equally important. Direct flights or flights that reduce stopovers and layovers are highly requested to maximize saving time and performance.


Convenience during flights are important to keep corporate travelers productive. Whether it’s seamless booking experience, fast tracking check-in lines, priority boarding, bypassing immigration with APEC travel card, or providing international wifi on board, corporate travelers appreciate airlines that utilize technology to simplify the process.


There’s nothing more attractive in an airline than its flexible booking and rescheduling policy, especially for corporate travelers. Imagine, the ability to cancel any flights for free, up to the last minute before departure? Or the ability to rebook a flight for a small price difference? Airlines that understand the importance of flexibility for these road-warriors are always their top go-to options.

Travel rewards program

With any airlines, domestic or international, corporate travelers enjoy and prefer a rewards program that allows them to use their hard-earned miles to travel to an exotic beach somewhere or getting that new cabin luggage bag. Airlines that are included in partner program like Star Alliance usually work great as business travelers can just stick with one airline without much trade-off in costs.


In an era of traveller centricity, catering to travelers’ needs should be the priority for both leisure and business trips. Business travel has in particularly become an integral aspect of business success. While corporate travelers might be accustomed to plan their trips effectively, companies still need to take their needs into account, by providing them with the best travel experience possible.

After all, all travel is good travel when you make the most out of it!