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Best Corporate Travel Agents in Hong Kong

Asia is the world’s fastest growing market for business travel and is predicted to dominate the industry by 2026. Standing at the center of this tremendous growth is cosmopolitan Hong Kong.

There’s no doubt, Hong Kong is a city built for business travel. As a primary financial and commercial hub for Asia and the key gateway to mainland China, Hong Kong pretty much has instant access to the majority of affluent consumer markets in the world.

But, with the high cost of goods and services, a variety of high end restaurants, fancy hotels, and a broad transportation infrastructure, Hong Kong is also well-renowned as the most expensive city in Asia for business travelers.

Corporate travel agencies are a good option that companies can leverage to effectively ​plan their business travels without breaking the bank.

Check out our top choices of Corporate Travel Agents in Hong Kong and how they compare to modern business travel solutions like Betravelo.

Westminster Travel Ltd.

Established in 1973 with offices in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Macau, Taiwan, and Singapore, the company joined ​Corporate Travel Management Limited (CTM) in 2014, subsequently becoming the largest corporate travel agency in Hong Kong.

Having more than 400 employees, ​Westminster covers all areas of the travel industry from corporate travel, wholesale, destination management, leisure, MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Conference, and Exhibitions), hotels and air tickets reservation, to inbound and outbound tours.

Good for​: Complex business travels that include domestic, multi-sector, and international flights.

Other reasons:

  • Easy itinerary planning with access to flight availability, flight confirmation, airfare prices, including non-published, consolidated airfares.

  • Stores your frequent flyer data.

  • Book via phone, email or online.

  • Duty of care that includes travel alerts, traveler tracking and crisis management procedure including pre and post trip destination intelligence and partnership with ​ISOS​.

  • Support a variety of travel-related services including car rentals, travel insurance, travel documents application and delivery by courier.

Lotus Tours

Founded in 1957, ​Lotus Tours is one of the largest travel agencies in Hong Kong. Also a major airline consolidator and one of the largest suppliers of hotel properties worldwide, the company has approximately 500 staff.

With offices in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Taiwan, they are experienced in managing business travels for multinational companies, public and financial institutes as well as local and regional businesses. In 2018, they joined CTM Group.

Good for:​ MICE (land and cruise) trips.

Other reasons:

  • Wide travel inventory (primary airline consolidator for 65 international carriers, appointed ticketing agency for 70 airlines, and access to 250,000 hotel properties worldwide)

  • A​ll-inclusive services from venue sourcing, event planning and execution, as well as private coaches.

  • Comprehensive travel reports that include flights, hotels and miscellaneous expenses.

FCM Travel Solutions

The company has a long history in travel management since the 1960s. While its roots are in leisure, however its corporate travel business has been growing rapidly through a series of strategic acquisitions and improvement in technology.

After the acquisition of American International Travel (AIT) Hong Kong, ​FCM has ever since been recognized as one of Asia’s leading travel management companies. FCM has offices in more than 95 countries across the world including Hong Kong.

Good for: ​All round Corporate Travel Manager

Other reasons:

  • 24/7 online and offline support.

  • Professional travel consultants to deliver personalized business travels and advice on corporate frequent flyer and rewards program.

  • Specially-negotiated fares to maximize budget.

  • MIS (Management Information System) reporting.

  • Assistance with visas, passports, and travel insurance.

Connexus Travel Limited

The first corporate travel management company registered in Hong Kong, ​Connexus was established in 1948. Targeting the flexibility much needed in corporate travels, its main goal is to provide an all-in-one, custom-made solutions to meet the companies’ diverse travel needs with the help of a variety of travel tools.

The company offers services that cater to leisure, MICE, and corporate travels, with offices in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan.

Good for: ​Corporate travelers that want a touch of luxury in their trips.

Other reasons:

  • In-house limousine service.

  • Strong network of travel vendors.

  • Added value services such as real-time call monitoring, 24-hour support line, and user-friendly reporting tools.

  • Complete crisis management solutions from risk reduction (timely travel alerts), contingency planning (established emergency procedures), and crisis handling (traveler tracking).

  • Easy access to information, automated process, and easy-sharing.

Before you make a decision...

Corporate travelers might benefit from traditional travel agents to organize their trips, but a modern and innovative travel solution such as ​Betravelo provides a more user friendly experience while saving businesses valuable time and resources, even before the actual reservations are booked.


Founded by travel enthusiasts with a passion for technology, Betravelo combines data, cutting edge technology, user friendly design and supportive customer service to set a new standard in business travel.

Why choose Betravelo?

Business Traveler Centric

Unlike traditional corporate travel agencies and travel managers Betravelo was built with the business traveler in focus. Across the entire process from booking a flight to expensing, Betravelo has developed a product that makes business travelers' lives easier!

Booking Experience

A speedy, seamless and personalized booking experience that allows booking autonomy for corporate travelers with a user-friendly online booking tool. Corporate travelers can easily make group bookings​ online and have complex trips managed by a responsive travel agent.

Travel policy

Set up your own travel policy in minutes. Betravelo allows easy customization of your travel policy to different departments, employees, and type of travel and then have it run automatically to ensure full compliance.


Corporate travelers and executive assistants can personally check and compare flights, accommodations, and ​arrange ground transportation online to maximize their travel budget (Check out our list for ​best taxi apps in Asia​!). They can also keep track of their expenses in real time and have consolidated transparent quotations generated at the end of the trip.


Betravelo will track all travel data and allows travelers to file expense reports while eliminating potential inaccuracies and saving significant time for the finance team.


The best part of travel management software like Betravelo is its ability to provide data-driven travel management process while also providing human support when its needed. Betravelo offers 24/7 on-ground support where your travelers are!

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